Fern is the resident workhorse, although commonly known to some as the ice queen, she brings joy and energy into the space. You'll usually find her rolling about the floor or squeezing the creative juices from class members. Her happy place is leading improvisation jams but she wouldn't think twice about passing up on a foot exercise. Come to Fern for a listening ear and sound advice.


Rachel is a lively little pocket rocket who brightens the studio every time she walks in. You'll usually find her upside-down or furiously organising the Coalesce and DanceConnect calendars (or both simultaneously). Rachel is at her happiest when everything goes to plan and everyone around her is having a good, SAFE time. Rachel plays the role of 'Good Cop' so direct any questions her way. 

contact fern or rachel at: coalescedance@gmail.com

         or on: 07568520088

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